Cruising Together – Summer Love

“You’re gonna fly away, glad you’re goin’ my way
I love it when we’re cruisin’ together
Music is played for love, cruisin’ is made for love
I love it when we’re cruisin’ together”

OST- Duets by Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis

The lone fisherman- Ha Long Bay
The lone fisherman- Ha Long Bay

When you wake up on Huang Hai Sealife Cruise to this stunning view above all you can do is gape at nature in all its beauty, the stunning colours of dawn and that lone fisherman trying to get the best catch. 


Just how could I resist shooting an Outfit post on the cruise. The outfit of the day was a chiffon hi-low blouse in bright orange. Maybe the shades of dawn had something to do with the way I planned my outfit!! 

Gazing into the blue waters of the Ha Long Bay
Gazing into the blue waters of the Ha Long Bay

My trusted beaded neck-piece made another appearance. You may have noticed that I have worn this in the last two outfit posts here and here

Soaking up the morning sun
Soaking up the morning sun

I teamed up the hi-low top with a fitted skirt in a stretchy soft material. It is unbranded and I do not remember where I purchased it from. However I remember I bought it because it was such a soft material that just fit right. It is also great as a cover-up for swim-wear.



I added pink diamond shaped earrings with leopard rimmed shades (UV Protected) to complete the outfit. Bright blue flip flops and I was ready for the beach. I do not forget to be safe in the sun and slather loads of sunscreen.


Photography By – Ankit Mehan
Outfit Details 
Hi-Low top -Temt (2013)
Skirt-no brand (2010)
Beaded Necklace- Dubai (Gifted by sis-in-law)
Pink diamond shaped earrings- Diva (2014)
Leopard rimmed shades-Temt (2014)
Flip Flops- Rubi shoes (2013)

Photography by Ankit Mehan
Photography by Ankit Mehan

Like always thank you for your support and appreciate all the feedback. If you want me to feature any particular style, trend or have any fashion related queries you can drop me a line or two in the comments below. 
Have a fantastic week ahead. 

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