50 Shades of Unknown

How have you all been. Sorry for the slight delay in posting an Outfit post since the last one….This has been due to us running around like headless Chooks (chicken) trying to organise our move.
Arduous as it has been, the result has been extremely satisfying and we move to our new home next week.
I don’t know what to call it ..lets say a Bittersweet feeling. We have lived in our apartment for 4 years now. Painted it , styled it and loved it. It  is hard to let it out and have tenants live in it . I feel like a mother hen refusing to give away her eggs and guarding them zealously.

50 shades of Unknown
50 shades of Unknown

I am one of those people that are a tad bit (maybe a lot more than tad bit) Obsessive Compulsive and it is hard for me to accept major changes that deviate from the norm. Moving house brings in a whole lot of changes and I hate being in unfamiliar territory where I cannot control the situation but the situation controls me.  

I get emotionally attached to things , places , surroundings it’s a little difficult for me to just shrug my shoulder and move on in a snap just like that.
Be it the red wall which we painted ourselves, or the curtains we selected, styling the place up ….it is all etched in our hearts forever.

50 shades of Unknown
50 shades of Unknown

I have always been (since childhood) known to be extremely emotional. I had to write this post today to get these feelings off my chest, to share my emotions and feelings with all of you and most importantly share my gratitude towards my Home
I am inching towards what I want to call 50 shades of Unknown. Guess life moves on….and you move ahead with it. Change is inevitable but just like your first love …your first home is the most special. I want to Thank My Home for such beautiful memories and all the fun and frolic we have had.

These 4 years have been some of the best years of my Life. I got married to the most amazing man I could have asked for as a husband, met some of the best mates who are just like family and spent so much time with them in My Home. Most importantly I started my long standing dream of blogging whilst residing here.
With a heavy heart and lots and lots of tears and emotions I wanna say Bye Bye my Love Good bye !

50 shades of Unknown
50 shades of Unknown

Outfit of the Day -Striped Nude and Black Maxi dress with metallic accents. 

  • In today’s Outfit of the Day I wore the striped and nude maxi dress with a metallic belt to add a bit of structure to the waist and gives it an instant glam face-lift.
  • I have previously worn this casually with a shrug and colourful beaded necklace in this post. Click here to see how I wore it last.
  • I also wear this with a structured blazer and ballet flats to work in summers. 
  • Such Maxi dresses can become a wardrobe staple. Try to find one that fits well and you can envision yourself wearing it in a few ways before you buy it. Did I mention I got this Maxi dress in 2011 online on sale from Supre.
50 shades of Unknown
50 shades of Unknown

Outfit Details

Striped Nude and Black Maxi dress – Supre-2011
Metallic belt – Dotti – 2014
Earrings- Equip
Bangles- Oldest ones I own
Wedge heels – Rubi shoes.

50 shades of Unknown
50 shades of Unknown

Concept ,Styling by Sharvari P Mehan
Photography by Ankit Mehan

Thank you for your continued support and appreciation. Love to hear your feedback in the comments below.
Have a great week ahead. 

50 shades of Unknown
50 shades of Unknown

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