The Whole 5 Yards

The Saree (Sari/ Sadi) is one of my most favourite outfits. Since I reside in Melbourne and may not be able to wear one on a regular basis I only have a modest Saree collection so far. However each one I own is close to my heart and each one has been chosen with a great deal of precision and love.

The Whole 5 Yards

There has been a strong shift in the Indian Fashion Scene with a lot of young designers flooding the market such as Vaishali S, Gaurang Shah, Masaba, Anju Modi among others that have borrowed heavily from the Indian ethos. One can find handwoven fabrics, kitsch prints and traditional weaves used in their designs albeit with a modern twist. 

Saree is traditionally an unstitched garment that could be 5 to 9 yards which is generally draped over a petticoat/underskirt in various ways. Traditionally drapes differed from region to region or state to state. However in the recent times one can find pre-stitched or semi stitched sarees, saree gowns or lehenga sarees. There is a wide variety of drapes that today’s women are happy to carry with elan.

The Whole 5 Yards

I have grown up watching my Mom, Maushis and relatives wearSarees all their life. I have mentioned this in my previous saree post that my Maushi is an expert in Saree draping. I learnt how to drape a Saree from her. Now I was never an expert like her but I can say that I am extremely confident in my Saree draping ability now. So it was time I pushed the envelope for my own creative satisfaction.
Here I am wearing my Mum’s wedding Saree which is truly Vintage. 

(I have worn this in my last post click here to see how.)

Khada Dupatta - Picture Courtesy Pinterest
Khada Dupatta – Picture Courtesy Pinterest

Todays’ drape was inspired by a combination of the Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta and the Traditional way of wearing the 5 yard Saree. 
I have draped this Saree over a black churidar.(tight fitted leggings) I have worn this Saree with an anti-fit 3/4th sleeve top worn as a Saree blouse. The sleeves almost give it a Bengali touch which was completely unintentional at the time but I love how it adds another traditional dimension to the look. 

The Whole 5 Yards

The Outfit of the day – The Whole 5 yards with a Combination Drape

  • Begin with making the pleats like you would in a traditionalSaree however tuck them in on the right side of your hip and tuck it into the churidar. It should look like the picture above.
The Whole 5 Yards
  • Tuck the first part of the Saree from behind your waist back into the centre of your waist and tuck it in as you go along into the churidar. The front should look like the picture above. It should almost look like a wrap-around on the left side. 
  • Now the rest of the Saree Pallu bit should be pleated just like you would pleat in a Traditional Saree drape pin the pleats neatly and pin them across your left shoulder so the Pallustays in place. 
  • Where the Pallu meets the wrap around skirt bit pin them together so they stay in place. Ensure you pin them in such a way that there is enough leg room. The front Pallu should resemble the drape of a Khada Dupatta from the front.
The Whole 5 Yards
  • I wore a custom made Polki string necklace which almost adds a Royal touch to the look. 
  • I carried a Diamonte’ box clutch by Olgaberg that gives the Polki necklace some glamorous company. 
  • To add some more edge to the combination drape I wore black suede ankle boots.
  • Lastly I added two traditional antique looking rings in Emerald green and gold and Oxblood and gold to complete the outfit.
  • Bordeaux lips and Messy curly hair bun adds on to the Desi Rock Chic look.


Outfit Details 
Saree – Mom’s Wedding Saree- Friendship Mumbai
3/4th Sleeved Top – – 2014
Polki Necklace – Custom Made – Mumbai

Diamonte’ box clutch – Olgaberg- 2009
Green and Gold Ring- Equip 2013
Oxblood and Gold Ring – Equip 2012
Suede Boots – Warehouse Sale – 2012
Lipstick- Hang Up by Mac Cosmetics – 2012


Concept and Styling by Sharvari P Mehan
Photography by Ankit Mehan 


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  1. A beautiful article for any lady to read and know about saree. You can described every bit of details very well. The saree design along with the pallu looks awesome. I am sure many ladies will want to get a piece of the same after looking at ur pics 🙂

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