Blanket Cape for Winters

My only vice is I love to sleep alas I do not get very much of it on a weekly basis. My husband knows not to wake me up before 9.30 am on a Saturday morning. Those few extra hours of sleep on a Saturday morning are what I look up to each week. Truth is if he does not nudge me and try to wake me up post that I will not wake up and can happily sleep till the following morning. Yes I love my sleep.
Winters are the best season for Sleep Lovers like myself. Switch on your heater and its perfectly cozy to continue sleeping. It is extremely hard for me to wake up without snoozing my alarm for work each weekday. However Mere Mortals like us have to earn a living so one must leave the warm and cozy comfort of our beds and step into this cold weather and head to work. Sighhhh !!!


You are probably wondering why am I talking about sleeping and winters today. It is because I found the best Fashion Trend that makes me feel like I am still in my bed with my blanket on. One of the key fashion trends of AW2015 has been The Blanket Cape. Hollywood celebrities have taken to it like fish to water. I was almost reluctant to try it thinking I would look overwhelmed as I am petite. However I must say my first impression of The Blanket Cape was wrong.
The Blanket Cape is a thick material that is almost like a blanket and since it is unstitched can be worn draped over your shoulders or can be pinned or worn with a belt so it holds shape. This has been one of my most recent purchases this year. I absolutely love how it is forgiving and can be worn by anyone with any body shape or size. Match it with the colours of your outfit or clash it.


A couple of weeks back my husband and I decided to make most of the sunny winter day (Saturday) so we headed to Lygon street for lunch. En-route we saw this gorgeous alleyway and decided to stop and click pics. So this was not really a planned shoot but I really love how the old world charm of the alley adds to the outfit.


Outfit of the Day – Aztec Print Blanket Cape with Khaki Jeans and black boots with clash of accessories. 

  • I have worn a Monochrome full sleeved blouse and then added the Aztec Print Multi-coloured Blanket Cape over it. It was deliberate to keep the blouse monochrome to let the BlanketCape be the real hero of the look.
  • I wore deep green almost khaki coloured jeans. These are absolutely comfortable and contrast the colours of the blanket cape.
  • I am wearing statement stone earrings in blue, silver and black along with a big blue rock ring. The nails are a deep greyish silver that add to the accessories. I have worn my Skagen watch with a silver strap and dainty dial on my wrist.
  • Lastly a big pop of red through the bag and black ankle boots was all it took to bring together the outfit.


Outfit Details 
Blanket Cape – Temt-2015
Monochrome Blouse- Temt- 2013
Deep Green Jeans- Vero Moda India- 2012
Watch-Skagen-2013-Gifted by Husband
Ankle boots – Rivers- 2015
Statement Earrings- Lovisa- 2015
Red and Beige Bag- 2013- Gifted by Sister 
Big Rock Ring- Equip- 2012


Concept and Styling- Sharvari P Mehan
Photography- Ankit Mehan 

The Blanket Cape is sure going to win your heart. I hope you liked today’s post. Do love to hear your feedback in the comments below. This helps us with continuous improvement.
Have a great week ahead.



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