Aztec & Floral Prints with Shopping Tips

Aztec and Florals

Spring and Summer are my favourite time of the year. Time to keep those winter jackets and thick sweaters at the back of the closet. Bring out the cottons, linens, skirts, dresses and shorts and lighter throws and jackets.

It is important to reset your wardrobe with the season change. Bring the lighter fabrics and outfits that you would wear in the warmer weather to the front and keep the winter gear at the back of your closet. It helps you get more wear out of your existing pieces and also helps you make a mental note of the key pieces that you might want to add to your shopping list.

Spring-Summer has always been about colours and prints and this year is no different. Eclectic prints, kitsch colours and fluid silhouettes are in trend this year. One can stock on low priced but good quality basics from stores in Australia such as – Ice Fashion, Target, Supre and H&M. If you have a mid range budget I would recommend stores such as Temt, Valleygirl, Dotti and Sportsgirl for summer basics. If you live in India I would recommend Zara India, Vero Moda, Promod for basics.

Looking to add kitsch pieces and silhoettes to your wardrobe? I would definitely recommend Global Desi and Quirkbox. Whenever you shop try the outfits before you buy and think of atleast 3-4 different ways you could wear the outfit. Making a functional wardrobe would extend its longevity as it would include pieces that you could wear whether they are in trend or not.

Aztec and Florals
Aztec and Florals

We shot this post around the end of August or should I say Pre-Laptop crash time. I have successfully managed to recover all my lost posts! Yipeeee Yay !!

This day we were catching up friends for dinner and the weather was surprisingly sunny and warm. We shot this indoors as the light was fading and we were short of time.

The Outfit of the Day – Aztec and Floral Prints with Pastels

  • Floral Prints make a comeback loyally each Spring-Summer. Floral Prints are effeminate and chic. This light floral blazer was going to be perfect on this warm day. I love clashing prints with other prints.
  • Here I am wearing an Aztec Print tank with the Floral blazer. The colours of the Aztec print match with the colours of the Floral Print on the blazer. This creates a beautiful clash.
Aztec and Florals
Aztec and Florals
  • I deliberately wore a plain pastel pink skirt to balance the prints in the top half of the outfit. The pastel pink colour as well helps neutralize the busy prints in the top half.
  • To give the outfit the needed pop was the necklace and the suede heels. This neck-piece was a gift from a dear friend who brought it back from her Delhi travels.
  • The neck-piece is edgy yet traditional at the same time. I also added my favourite vintage floral ring to match the floral prints in the blazer.
  • Lastly I wore my really old and trusted suede bottle green heels with gold studs at the ankle and heels. They helped give the outfit a formal touch.
  • I also carried a beige-ivory clutch to complete the look.


Styling and Concept- Sharvari P Mehan
Photography- Ankit Mehan

Outfit Details 
Tank top- Temt- 2013
Floral Blazer- Valleygirl-2012
Skirt- Ice Fashions- 2013
Green Suede Heels – Novo – 2009
Clutch- Olgaberg- 2008
Necklace- Gifted by a friend- 2014- Delhi
Vintage Floral Ring- Lovisa- 2014

Aztec and Florals

I hope you enjoyed today’s Outfit post and also my tips on budget shopping and where to shop on a budget.
Do leave me your feedback and any requests in the comments below.

Have a fantastic week ahead.

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