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Happy Holidays everyone and wishing all the readers of Mumbai to Melbourne a Happy New Year in advance. 

We are having a warm summer in Melbourne. This is the first time in the last 5 years that we are in Melbourne over the entire duration of the Christmas-New year break. This year we took a break in November (last month) and headed to Bali. Bali is humid and hot in the day and evenings are cooler and fresh all through the year. We loved our stay at Nusa Lembongan which is a gorgeous island just 30 minutes by ferry from the mainland.

The natural beauty of its beaches, sand and surf and the warm sunny weather is a perfect way to relax and unwind. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The best way to see the different sunset points and scenic spots on the island is by hiring a motorbike. So we rode to this gorgeous point called Devil’s Tear to capture shots of the sunset.

This was a completely unplanned post that we shot in 5 minutes flat before the sun set. The husband had set his tripod and was waiting for the sun to set when the light turned orangish pink and he decided to take quick outfit shots.

The outfit of the day was super comfortable and casual with a dash of Kitsch and fringe added. I purchased this fringed tank top in Bali for $3. Not only was I in love with the fringed bottom but I loved the Ganesha Print on it. I do love Kitsch Prints however have been a bit skeptical to jump on the Hindu God Print on clothes bandwagon. I liked how the print was discreet and still gave the tank a calm veneer.


I simply added my blue flip-flops and black casual cotton skirt and blue studs. As I said we rode to the location so do not mind my wind tousled hair. I was only wearing a swipe of red lipstick and mascara and was slightly tanned because of the Bali sun.

This was such a comfortable yet chic look that I am glad we shot these pics so I could post this on the blog. There are a lot of brands in India that are producing kitsch print accessories, clothing, stationery, mojris and shoes and home accessories. A few of my favourite brands are : (click on them to reach their website)

  1. Chumbak – for their bobble-heads, fridge magnets
  2. Quirkbox – for their blazers and dresses
  3. India Circus – for their stationery and mugs


Outfit Details
Ganesha Fringed Tank – Bali- 2015
Sunglasses- Ray Ban-2014
Skirt- Supre-2009
Flip Flops – Rubi Shoes- 2013
Earrings- Temt- 2013
Bangle- Oldest one I own


I hope you enjoyed today’s fashion post and as always do drop me a line or two in the feedback below. Thank you for all your love and support this year. Have a fantastic new year ahead. See you in the New Year.


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