Minty Lavender

Hi all I hope you have been well. Though I did post two food posts in the last couple of weeks the fashion blog may have seemed a bit dry. We moved house a few weeks back and I am suffering from ‘No Internet at home syndrome’. For a blogger that is just not done…Alas I am managing to suffice with my 4G on the phone. I have used 4G to write this post using my Website Host’s App however if you find any glitches please ignore and I will try my best to fix them when I am back up and running online.


I also am lucky to have had a few posts which I shot in Nov and Dec 2015 that I am yet to post to tide me along as my in house fashion photographer (the husband) has also been overseas for work. I have been missing my EF (Extended family) all you beautiful readers and just had to get this post up and running.

Moving to the Outfit, I shot this post first week of Dec on a very hot Aussie summer’s day. This is a very old tube dress with handkerchief style print on it with floral motifs. One would normally wear such dresses when you head to the beach or in a casual setting. However I was determined to make this tube dress work in a formal setting.


I wore the tube dress to work by adding a Mint coloured formal blazer. The colours in the print complemented the mint blazer. I carried a light lavender-pink bag that was a perfect accompaniment to the dress. To complete the look I added mint statement earrings and a pop of yellow through my ring.


The finishing touches came via basic nude peep toe pumps, ray bans and a swipe of lavender-pink lip colour. One could wear this to work as it is or to the beach. Simply add a scarf and omit the blazer and you are beach ready.


Outfit details

Tube Dress – Mumbai Street shopping – 2010
Lavender Bag- Olgaberg- 2011
Mint Earrings – 2010 – gifted by a friend
Mint Blazer – Valleygirl- 2009
Nude Peep toes- really old – do not remember the brand.
Ring- 2011 – Gifted by sister in Law

I hope you enjoyed today’s fashion post. I hope to be back online soon. Until then do leave me your feedback in the comments below.
Have a Great Weekend ahead


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