Sheera / Sooji Halwa


Sheera or Halwa made from Sooji/ Rawa/ Semolina is made on most auspicious occasions, pooja/ venerations or festivals. When it is made as an offering to God (Prasaad) it is made richer with more ghee and nuts and bananas that may be added to it. In the northern part of India it is called Halwa whereas in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa it is called Sheera.

I have fond memories of my Grandmum, mum and Aunts making Sheera for Satyanarayan Poojas in the growing up years. They would make really large quantities of Sheera where about 2 kgs of Semolina would be roasted in home made ghee (sajook toop) until it was golden beige a colour and the fragrant aroma would permeate through the whole house.

Us kids couldn’t wait till the veneration finished to eat the Sheera. Of-course nothing beats Mother’s and Grandmother’s love which makes every dish they make for their children extra special.

I dedicate today’s post to my Mom who is my strength, my rock and my backbone. As I embraced motherhood this year she was there with me at each step of the way and supporting me throughout.

I believe you do not need a day specifically to thank your Mum so make each moment spent with your Mum special. Cherish the sweetness of each moment with Sheera or Suji Halwa.

I am super excited to spend my first Mother’s day with my baby boy who recently turned a month old….


So here is the recipe for Sheera/ Sooji Halwa

The Ingredients needed are:

  • Semolina – 1 cup
  • Milk- 2.5 cup
  • Sugar- 1 cup
  • Ghee- 1 cup
  • Almonds and Raisins – 2 tablespoons
  • Cardamon powder- 1 teaspoon
  • Saffron strands – few strands
Step 1 - Roasting Semolina
Step 1 – Roasting Semolina

Method of Preparation:

Step 1 – Take a non stick wok and add the ghee and let it melt on low flame.

Step 2- Next add the semolina and roast until it turns to a golden- beige colour.

Step 3- In the meanwhile take a pot and add the milk to it and let it get to a boil. Once the semolina is roasted add the boiling milk a little at a time and keep mixing it well with the semolina. Then once all the milk is incorporated cover with a lid and let it cook on a low flame for 5- 10 minutes.

Step 2 - golden beige roasted Semolina
Step 2 – golden beige roasted Semolina


Step 3- Milk incorporated in Semolina
Step 3- Milk incorporated in Semolina

Step 4- Now add the sugar which should melt and the semolina will cook further with the melted sugar. Once the sugar is incorporated add saffron strands which you can mix with a few drops of warm milk before adding. Next add the cardamom powder and lastly add the chopped almonds and raisins.

Step 4 - Adding sugar and saffron
Step 4 – Adding sugar and saffron

Your Sheera or Sooji Halwa is ready. Serve warm or cold but I guarantee you wont be able to stop at just a bowlful. If making Sheera for a Prashad for Satyanarayan Pooja then you can increase the quantity of Ghee by  couple more tablespoons. We also add slices of banana roasted in ghee to the Sheera when making it for a Pooja or veneration.

Do leave me your feedback in the comments below. Have a Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy each moment with your Mother.


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