Date and Nutella Bliss Balls

The Postpartum Weight Loss journey has been the most difficult one for me. In my pregnancy I put on 22 kg though I ate extremely healthy and well throughout.

Post Pregnancy the first 3 months exercise is not recommended as you are still regaining your strength and your body is going through massive hormonal changes. I also ate the requisite amount of ghee, the postpartum recommended full fat milk and milk products and of course the delicious postpartum laddoos which help with strength gain and assist with internal healing.

I then visited India and spent time with my family and the baby and I had an awesome time there. With all the amazing mithais and desserts there I binged. So 6.5 months post delivery all that gluttony was showing on my waistline and it only strengthened my determination to get back to my Pre-Pregnancy shape.

I started my regular (pre-pregnancy) yoga routine in Dec 2016 when I got back to Melbourne. 20-30 minute Pilates or Yoga sessions 3 days a week is what I started with and slowly increased the sessions to 5 days a week. I have been practising Yoga at home for the last 4 years. Getting back to exercise which one is comfortable with is very important especially as it gives the initial confidence boost that weight loss and improved fitness can be achieved, however hard the task may seem.

Diet is the key to a healthy body inside out. Any weight loss to be sustained needs to start with a diet suited to your body type and composition. I would recommend seeing a Dietitian if unsure what works for you. 

I have studied basics of Nutrition (while in college) and have an understanding of what suits my body and what does not which I have learnt over a period of time through trial and error.

Since I had binged on desserts I decided to curb my sweet tooth. Considering December is a month of festivities and parties it was very hard but I managed to hold on to some self control.

Let me tell you I can never diet by eliminating any food group. So I cannot sustain a no-carb diet or no-fat diet. I totally believe in eating everything in moderation however since I had been eating way too much sugar in the last few months it was imperative to eliminate it for a while to kick start the weight loss and getting back to optimum health.

The idea is a sustained weight loss and strength gain by improving joint health and obviously without starving. 4 months down the line I have lost about 6 kg and dropped three dress sizes. The best part is that I feel great inside out and this has also improved my hair and skin texture.

Easter is here now and so it is perfect time to reward my efforts. Easter equals to whole lot of chocolate which in turn equals to weight / inch gain. This time let Mumbai 2 Melbourne take you on a healthy sweet binge without the empty calories.

Bliss Balls are usually protein and healthy fat packed cousins of our Desi Laddoos. Usually made with nuts, dates, fruits and dried fruits that give it natural sweetness. Good fats from the nuts help to keep you fuller for longer. You can easily make them vegan by omitting skim milk and use soy powder or protein powder to add more protein to it. My all time favourite treat is a spoonful of Nutella so I decided to make my own Date and Nutella Bliss Balls by using roasted hazelnuts and cacao powder to get the same taste with less than half the calories. You can make them with cocoa powder and actual Nutella as well. I have given the recipe using both the methods below.

So here is Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s recipe for Date and Nutella Bliss Balls.

So what do you need to make Date and Nutella Bliss Balls?

♦Dates – 20 in number

♦Nutella – 1.5 tablespoon or 1 cup roasted Hazelnuts

♦Cacao Powder/ Cocoa Powder- 1.5 tablespoon

♦Skim Milk Powder- 3 tablespoon

♦Olive Oil- 1 tablespoon

♦Cacao Powder/ Cocoa Powder for rolling (Optional)

Lets get making some Bliss !

This is a no cook, no bake dessert that is super healthy and a treat to your sweet tooth. Absolutely no time is needed to whip these Bliss Balls so lets get started. 

Soak dates in water for half hour, drain them and add them to your food processor and pulse them till coarsely pounded. Add the roasted hazelnuts, cacao powder and olive oil. Pulse again in food processor Next add the skim milk powder pulse again till it forms a sticky yet coarse mixture. The nuts don’t have to be finely mixed. 

Now if you are using Nutella then simply add it instead of hazelnuts to the pulsed dates along with Cocoa powder. Then pulse to form a sticky mixture. Next add the skim milk powder to form a sticky dough like the picture below. 

Now apply some olive oil on your palms and start rolling the mixture into balls. Keep the balls in a plate and cover with cling film. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. The Bliss Balls should harden and can be eaten as is or you could roll them in cocoa or cacao powder. This is an optional step they are just as delicious without the cacao powder on top. 

Date and Nutella Bliss Balls are now ready. Serve them cold with a cup of tea or enjoy them after your workout. Great snack on the go for everyone. Lip-smacking, delicious and super healthy, sugar free and vegetarian treat. You can easily substitute the skim milk powder and add almond meal to make them vegan. 

Recipe, Photography and Styling – Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

This made me about 15 bliss balls. You can refrigerate them for upto a week. I hope you enjoyed today’s recipe for Date and Nutella Bliss Balls. These are perfect edible gifts for Easter. So are you going to have a healthy yet delicious Easter this year !!

Definitely leave me your feedback in the comments below. 

Have a fabulous Easter week ahead. Stay Healthy, exercise and eat well and enjoy yourselves. 



  1. Very nice & healthy recipe of dates & nutella.It looks very tempting.I will definitely try it.As always well written

  2. Yr recipe looks very attractive & delicious.yr photography & writing is superb.I am sure readers will love & try this healthy recipe

    1. Thank you so much Lata Narvekar for your kind words. I am glad you like the recipe definitely let me know how they turn out if you make them.

    1. Thank you so much Jalisa. Not only are they a cheat to our senses they are absolutely healthy too….so its a Win Win.
      You have an awesome week ahead my love.

    1. Thank you …I guess its just my way of showing Life happens, pregnancy is a big change to every woman’s body , to accept it and still be confident while trying to get back to Pre- Pregnancy weight.
      I am glad you like my work 🙂

    1. I’ve given both options the healthy one is to use dates with dark cacao powder and hazelnuts to give same flavour as nutella but with fraction of the calories

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