Street Smart – Shopping at Bandra Hill Road

Street Shopping has its own charm that no visit to the mall can beat. Street shopping is an attractive proposition for teenagers and college goers as they are almost always on a shoe string budget. Street shopping gives you a wide variety of options for clothes and accessories at less than half the value of branded outlets.

So if you are on a budget, like a bargain or simply love the thrill of shopping on the street then Mumbai is one destination that should rank high on your must visit list. Mumbai is a paradise for Street Shopping. There are street shopping hubs such as Colaba Causeway and Fashion Street that are infamous and frequented by tourists and locals alike. So I thought I shall take you on a virtual shopping tour with me to one of the lesser explored but extremely popular local Street Shopping Hub in Mumbai. 

Hill Road in Bandra runs from the intersection of Bandra Railway station road and S.V Road all the way to Mount Mary Church. If you love shopping and love a bargain then Hill Road in Bandra should be your next shopping destination. 

It is best to head here using public transport like an auto-rickshaw or Uber as parking your car can be next to impossible. Best to visit on weekdays in between 3 to 4 pm. Remember to carry a big bag with you so you can carry your shopping easily. Carry a bottle of water with you and keep yourself hydrated. Lastly have enough time on hands so you can enjoy the street shopping experience.

Hill Road has an eclectic mix of shops lining both sides of the streets along with street vendors selling pretty much anything and everything Fashion encompasses. Most of the shops sell Export surplus products so do not be surprised if you find your high street brands at a super cheap price.

Do not forget to bargain when shopping at Street stalls or vendors. What always works for me is saying ‘I only have 100 Rupees I can’t give anymore’ or I simply quote the price I am ready to pay and start walking away from the stall and move to another stall 10 meters away.

Here are some of my favourite places to shop on Bandra Hill Road: 

  • La Judi – Footwear

There are a few shops selling footwear however this particular shop ranks high on style and price. La Judi as it is called is located opposite Marks and Spencer (what used to be Globus). This tiny hole in the wall store packs a mighty fashion punch. They sell slippers, sandals, ballet flats and chappals desi style. Mumbai 2 Melbourne highly recommends the Indian Style Chappal collection at La Judi. Remember that La Judi sells at a fixed price and most footwear is priced at INR 400 – INR 500. This is what I call affordable fashion.

  • Street Stalls outside Enrich Salon ( Opposite Elco Arcade)

If you keep walking up on Hill Road towards Elco Arcade you will notice there are two stalls in the walkway leading up to Enrich Salon. They have a very good collection of Dresses and Blouses. Off shoulder tops, boho style dresses and lace tops caught my eye. Do not forget to bargain at these stalls however most tops are priced at INR 300 to INR 350.

Stalls Outside Enrich Salon
  • Street vendors selling Pajamas and Jewellery outside Enrich Salon

There are a couple of street vendors that regularly sell their wares outside the walkway leading to enrich Salon. They have a great collection of rings and neck pieces for very low price range. You would find a few vendors that sell cute Pajama pants here for as low as INR 150. Again it cannot get any cheaper than this.

  • Riddhi Jewelery Store

Keep walking further up and you will find Riddhi Jewellery store. This has a good collection of imitation jewellery. Do remember to bargain though as they do tend to hike up their prices.

  • Fendi Femme

Another Gem is a store called Fendi Femme that is an export surplus store selling most high street brands. Loved their collection of Party Dresses and Shrugs. However remember it is a tiny store which is always packed with customers. Best time to head here would be 3 – 4 pm to avoid the rush.

Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s Mini Haul

So what did M2M find at Hill Road this time you ask?

I picked up a pair each of beaded chappals and Desi style chappals at La Judi. They were both a steal at INR 500 each.

Chappals from La Judi

I picked up this gorgeous Venetian mask ring from street vendor outside Enrich Salon and totally worth it for INR 50.

I love anything bohemian and this Pom Pom cold shoulder top just ticked all the right boxes. I also loved this lace top that looked demure and chic amongst a sea of colourful blouses on the rack. So I picked both of these for INR 350 each at the first stall in the lane way leading up to Enrich Salon.

Boho Blouse
Lace Blouse

So if you are a Gal on a Budget you know where to head next!! I hope you enjoyed this virtual shopping tour and today’s Street Smart Shopping Series.

I would also like to know how you like the New look and feel of Mumbai 2 Melbourne ! Do leave me your feedback in the comments below.

Until next time stay Street Smart and Fashionable!!


  1. Nothing beats street shopping… such treasure troves… thanks for the tips and recommendations … ❤️ the ring and the boho blouse

    1. Thank you Zafreen . Absolutely agree that Street shopping is cheap yet one can find hidden treasures at a fraction of the cost .

  2. Very well written sharvari.. I have always loved street shopping and Bandra is one of my favorite places. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Tithi. Absolutely Bandra as a suburb provides great shopping experiences . hill road and linking road being my favourites

  3. I always admire yr style of writing , yr command on English & yr photography.Shopping at hill road is an art.U get everything there from dresses ,shoes & artificial jewellery in reasonable price but one must know how to bargain.Really a very good article on shopping.Keep it up.

    1. Thank you Mumma. Absolutely taking pictures on Hill road is a mean feat and the sellers are not always helpful. I am glad you liked my picks of where to shop.

  4. I had only discovered hill road last december. It was year end and the shops were decorated, and loaded with goodies and new arrivals. I love the collection of sandals, jewellery and party dresses (they are to die for). Thanks for the write up. It makes it easier for what to buy, from where and the tips to bargain.

    1. Thank you Charusheela. The shops and street vendors listed have been there for years now and they have never failed to impress me

    1. Thank you gorgeous. Absolutely not only did i enjoy the savings while in College but I love the thrift shopping thrill i get even today. The place has not changed one bit. Still as crazy and fun as it used to be.

    1. Awww i know I visited after a while a few store and stalls are the same for the last 15 years but the new shops and the eateries have changed the feel of hill road but let’s say the soul still remains the same

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