Maybelline The Magnum Barbie Mascara Review

I fondly remember I was in grade 12, when I purchased my first makeup product. It was a baby pink lipstick which I bought with my saved pocket money and with my Mum’s permission of course !! I jumped on to the Make-up bandwagon very late and I am still discovering new products and trends that shake the makeup world every so often.

Mascara is one such product that I started taking seriously only after I moved to Melbourne. One is always on a lookout for a good Mascara that will both lengthen and thicken lashes.

I recently read this Quote that aptly sums why every girl should own a Mascara in her makeup bag.

” Inner Beauty is Great but a little Mascara never hurts!”

On my recent India travels I decided to go Mascara Shopping. Maybelline is one of the best drugstore brands when it comes to Mascara. They have an entire gamut of mascaras for every lash type. Maybelline had launched The Magnum Barbie Mascara in 2016 and I really was keen to get my hands on one.

What Does Maybelline state about The Magnum Barbie Mascara !

Eyes that dance and prance around, with the innocence and charm of the Barbie dolls that we adored. Fluttering lashes giving your eye makeup boost of life and the trust of a brand that makes you beautiful with revolutionary products. Maybelline New York Magnum Barbie Mascara:

♦ Comes with a doll-up brush that fits the curves of eyes perfectly to give you gorgeous lashes.

♦ Is sweat proof, waterproof, and smudge proof, so your eye makeup remains intact, all day long.

♦ Is great for even contact lens wearers.

Additional Information: Maybelline meets Barbie, to give you mascara that just takes you back, when beauty was pure, serene, and devoid of artifice. Get the look, with this product, from the trusted brand of Maybelline.

 (Source: Nykaa

Maybelline has priced it at INR 399  You can buy it here 

The Look and Packaging of The Magnum Barbie Mascara 

The Magnum Barbie Mascara comes in a bright yellow and pink packaging and definitely one of the cuter looking mascaras on the block. The wand is curved with tiny plastic bristles. However I found a few stray bristles which look out of place and unkempt. 

The Curved Wand

What does Mumbai 2 Melbourne think about The Magnum Barbie Mascara? 

The mascara is quite thick in consistency and dark black in colour. Hence only 2 coats are enough to thicken and curl the lashes. It dries quickly and applying a 3rd coat could lead to making your lashes clumpy.

It curled my lashes quite well and did open up the eyes or as Maybelline claims it to be the Barbie doll effect. 

Now when I was shopping at the Maybelline counter even the Sales girl assumed this was a regular mascara.The actual tube does not state that infact The Magnum Barbie Mascara is waterproof. Hence I did not realise till I bought it that this was a Waterproof mascara. 

I can tell you that I am not fond of waterproof mascaras only because I find it time consuming and cumbersome an exercise to take it off. However if you want your mascara to last long then this is the best mascara in terms of longevity. It lasted me more than 8 hours and did not wash off or chip off. 

It was extremely hard to take this off. I washed my face with my regular cleanser and then had to use a cotton swab soaked in waterproof eye makeup remover to remove this mascara.

The Pros of The Magnum Barbie Mascara

♦ The mascara curls up and opens up the eyes.

♦ It gives a deep black colour to the lashes. 

♦ Since it is waterproof it is extremely long lasting.

♦ Does not chip or flake.

The Cons of The Magnum Barbie Mascara

♦ The mascara wand has stray bristles that an can affect its application.

♦ It is waterproof and extremely difficult to remove. A waterproof oil based remover is needed.

♦ More than 2 coats can feel heavy on the lids.  

Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s Rating  3.5 / 5 

I hope you enjoyed today’s Product Review Post. Do let me know if you have tried or are currently using Maybelline The Magnum Barbie Mascara and what you feel about the product. 

Always love to hear from you. So drop me a line or two in the comments below. 

Until next time have a fantastic week ahead !


  1. U have written about Maybellines Magnum Barbie mascara.Yr subscription is very useful.Ill definitely try this.

  2. Thanks for the fabulous review ..longevity versus ease of removal – always such a delicate balance.. thinking maybe more appropriate for the special occasions and not the everyday work drill?

    1. Thank you sweets yes absolutely it’s very good as a product but the difficulties in taking off is a bit of a downer. I only am using this when I’m heading out to a party or get together in order to use up the tube haha

  3. Thanks luv…The one i am using now is about to finish so wanted to try something new. I cant del with waterproof mascara you said too much work to remove it. I enjoyed the read..xxxx

    1. Thank you Gorgeous gal.. Absolutely it’s fabulous as it’s stays on but because it’s hard to takeoff it can overstay it’s welcome for some ….

  4. Good write up. I must say I was totally unaware of how mascara helps to open up the eyelashes until recently when I bought one for myself. Good product for people dealing with damp climate but everyday use can b cumbersome… Looking fowrd to more fasion posts from yourself…

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you like it. Absolutely the mascara opens up ur eyes and makes them pop.

    1. Thank you so much. It’s a good product for spl occasions but I would not use it on a daily basis due to the effort needed to take it off.

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