Ryaal Essentials Lavender Oil Review

Essential Oils are oils that are extracted from plants, flowers or spices by a process of distillation by using steam or cold pressing. The essential oils contain the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it may be derived. For years essential oils have been used in the production of perfumes, soaps and household detergent products. Over the last few years one has seen a rise in the use of Essential oils topically on the skin. A few skin care brands have introduced their essential oils in the Indian Market such as Khadi and Fab India amongst others. 

I have recently started using Rosehip essential oil as part of my skin care regime. I am definitely seeing visible results of that. (Will write a post about it soon.) When Ryaal Essentials contacted me with regards to reviewing their products I was very happy to try them. Ryaal Essentials is a new brand in the Indian Skin care/ Cosmetics scene and they have launched their brand of Essential Oils. Currently they sell their products only on their website and on Amazon. You can click here to buy it on Amazon.

Mumbai 2 Melbourne has always collaborated with products that are genuine and is always happy to talk about new products and brands that are making an inroad into the consumer market. So I did a quick research about Ryaal Essentials and spoke with their team before agreeing  to review their Lavender Oil. 

So here is Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s Review of Ryaal Essentials Lavender Oil. 

What does Ryaal Essentials claim about its Lavender Oil !!

100% PURE AND NATURAL LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: Extracted from the fresh flowers of lavender plant through the process of steam distillation extraction method, Lavender essential oil is a much-praised natural oil for use over skin and hair.

Ingredients :

Only one ingredient – 100% Natural Lavandula angustifolia flowers

Priced at :

INR 269 for 15 ml

The look and feel of Ryaal Essentials Lavender Oil !

Essential Oils need to be stored in darker coloured glass bottles to prevent the oils reacting with the light. Ryaal Essentials’ packs its oils in midnight blue coloured glass bottles with a white labelling and a white cap. The ingredients and use are mentioned at the back of the bottle and the front includes the product name and its logo.

I like the midnight blue and its contrast with the white labelling as it makes the product look luxe. The cap secures tightly and on opening it has a nozzle that dispenses the product drop by drop. They also provide a dropper separately however it is not really needed. The packaging is sturdy, leak proof and user friendly. 

On dispensing the oil on the palm of your hand, the oil is clear and slightly runny in texture. The aroma cannot be missed and will make your room smell of lavender flowers. 

How did Mumbai 2 Melbourne use the Ryaal Essentials Lavender Oil?

There are several ways to use Lavender Oil topically. Always conduct a patch test to check if the product works for you. You can mix it with olive oil or almond oil and apply directly to skin which will help hydrate the skin from within.

My favourite way to use Ryaal Essentials Lavender Oil was to add it to my diffuser, it made my living room smell divine. Lavender has calming properties and it helps with relaxation and meditation. I ensured I practised Yoga while the lavender oil diffused its aroma in the room. I must say it added a sensory dimension to my yoga practice which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I added a few drops of oil to the back of my wrist and behind my ears, it worked extremely well as an Ittar or perfume. I wanted to test it on my skin and see whether it worked as a skin hydrant. I mixed a few drops of Lavender oil with my day cream for that added hydration. A week of doing this actually made my skin feel more plump.

I applied a few drops of oil on my wrist and temples before bed time and I felt I had a better rested sleep. I tried this as I do not sleep well and wanted to see if it actually would relax and calm me down. 

Pros of Ryaal Essentials Lavender Oil

♦ The packaging is luxe and travel friendly 

♦ The oil is not sticky and is absorbed quickly

♦ The aroma is pleasant and made the room smell amazing

♦ 100% Essential Oil 

♦ The oil was calming and relaxing when used in a diffuser

♦ The oil was hydrating on skin when used with a carrier oil or moisturiser 

♦ The oil is affordable and priced right

Cons of Ryaal Essentials Lavender Oil 

♦ New Brand in the market with only an online presence

♦ Not sold at Retail outlets which affects availability 

♦ Limited reach due to online presence only

Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s Rating : 4.5/5 

This is a sponsored post but all the opinions are solely mine. 

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review post. Mumbai 2 Melbourne definitely recommends Ryaal Essential’s Lavender Oil. Do let me know if you have used any of their products and whether you liked them as much as I did.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy. Have a fantastic week ahead. 

  1. Good write up. I had heard about aromatherapy and wanted to try it. After reading your review I would give it a go

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