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Celebrities are often a barometer when it comes to Fashion trends. Celebrities are usually styled by Fashion stylists for their events, films and even when they travel i.e Airport Style. Call it the demand of their profession, there is an immense pressure on them to look well put together all the time. A few celebrities have an innate sense of style that shows, whereas some have fantastic stylists whom they work with. Hence I thought ‘Celeb Style’ would be a great segment to add to Mumbai 2 Melbourne.

As a Fashion Blogger, I have been following Neha Dhupia’s Style sensibilities for a few years now. Her fashion sense is what I would call ‘Sartorial Chameleon’. I love how she mixes it up all the time. But over time I have noticed that she prefers solid colours, natural breathable fabrics, chunky statement pieces and fluid silhouettes.  She loves her Sarees as much as she loves her Maxis and skirts. I must say Neha Dhupia and her team are doing a fantastic job.

Here are Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s picks of Neha Dhupia’s Best Style Statements !!

Maxi Dresses

Neha is quite tall so she carries of Maxi Dresses with Elan. Be it casual or Dressy love how she keeps the mix interesting. The finishing touches are almost always impeccable and complete her looks. However she still lets her clothes speak for themselves. 

Fluid Silhouettes

If you have been following Mumbai 2 Melbourne, you would have noticed that my personal style includes a lot of fluid silhouettes. So Neha gets my instant attention when she flaunts fluid silhouettes. Neha almost always gets it spot on, be it her super glam outfits or the relatively casual one. She nails the fluid silhouettes like no other.

Saree Style and Natural Fabrics

If you notice Neha usually likes to wear natural and breathable fabrics such as Raw Silk, Cottons and wears plain solid hues or printed Sarees. She styles them with Statement jewellery and usually an updo hair style. I am truly loving her strong Saree Game. 

Statement Chunky Jewellery

Chunky Necklaces or bold Cuffs and chandelier earrings, Neha does it all and with a Bang. Impeccable finishing touches are Neha’s Aces in the Game of Fashion.

Skirt Style

Neha takes the skirt from Desi to Indo-Western silhouette to a simple casual look. Certainly she ain’t skirting the fashion issue !

Neha Dhupia is one Celebrity that always puts her best Fashion Foot Forward. Neha and her team are doing a great job in keeping her looks unpredictable and fun with a mix bag of Indian and ethnic looks  and western silhouettes. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post with Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s picks of some of Neha Dhupia’s best looks. Do let me know how you liked this new segment of Celeb Style in the comments below.

Until next time have a great week ahead. Eat well, exercise well and stay stylish.



  1. U have described very nicely about Neha Dhupia’s style of clothing.Her colour combination is great.She looks elegant in maxi as well as Saree.

  2. Wow didnt know much about her. I must mention you have made great observations about her dresssing sense. She seems to have a great fashion sense…

  3. I like Neha’ s style and try to follow her on different shows. She really carry herself so well that you feel she just belong there then whether its a Tv show or Films Fest or Fashion week.
    You have done a fantastic job of observing her statement…

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciative words and feedback. Absolutely Neha as a great fashion aesthetic and that shows be in in her on or off duty style. Will be bringing some more of Celeb Style Posts soon:)

  4. i love her style especially with the indian attire she never goes wrong, she is a true fashionista and you have picked up some of her amazing outfits!!!

  5. I am not much of a fashion follower, however I liked that Neha’s style is usually comfortable chic! I like it when celebs choose comfort over trends, it makes things more real

  6. Well I could write so much only on one actor SRK 😉
    Jokes apart, this is a wonderful ode to her and love the styles she flaunts!

  7. I really like the way Neha Dhupia styles her outfits for different occasions. Loved going through your post, thanks for sharing it.

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