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I read a Quote recently that summed up exactly the principles Mumbai 2 Melbourne stands for as a Blog. 

” Keep your Lashes Long and Your Standards High ! ” Anonymous 

As a Lifestyle Blogger I am always reading and following the latest trends and the happenings of the Fashion, Beauty and Food Industries. Instagram is my most favourite social media because it connects you directly with personalities, celebrities, bloggers, politicians, brands, and like minded readers and followers on a one on one basis. I recently connected with entrepreneur and creator Sarah Baker of Sarah Jean Lashes through Instagram.

Sarah has been selected in the Queensland’s Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneur awards 2016 for her innovative Sarah Jean Lashes Products. The innovation lies in the idea of having the eyelash adhesive in a tube and having a mascara wand like applicator along with a Tweezer applicator tool that assists with fuss free eyelash application. What is even better is that Sarah Jean Lashes are VEGAN Friendly and CRUELTY FREE. They are synthetic still extremely lightweight and give you a natural look with that hint of drama. So I was only too excited when I was invited to review Sarah Jean Lashes. I was sent Lash Style SJ004 along with the Tweezer Applicator tool and the adhesive. 

Here is Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s Review of Sarah Jean Lashes 

♥ The Packaging

The lashes came in a salmon pink box with a transparent film on top that showcased the lashes inside with Sarah Jean Lashes Logo on top. The Tweezer applicator and the adhesive tube are both lightweight and come in a charcoal grey packaging with Sarah Jean Lashes Logo on it. The packaging makes the product look luxe. As stated above the adhesive is packaged inside a tube that has a mascara like wand which eases with application of the lashes. The instructions on how to use the products are mentioned on the back of the lashes box and on the adhesive tube.

♥ The Sarah Jean Lashes Product 

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Sarah Jean Lashes are Vegan and Cruelty Free which already gets brownie points from me. The Eyelashes come in 5 Styles to suit your individual preferences. The Lash style I have reviewed is SJ004The Adhesive with a mascara wand applicator tool is the BEST THING to have happened to FALSIES…

There is a Tips and Tricks video on how to apply Sarah Jean Lashes on the website which actually is extremely handy to watch before using the product. First check the lashes for size to fit the shape of your eyes and snip the excess if needed. Next apply the adhesive to your natural lashes like you would apply your regular mascara. 

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Next apply the adhesive to the falsies on the base and use the Tweezer Applicator tool to hold one end and your fingers to hold the other end. Slowly place the lashes on your natural lashline and position the other end to run along your natural lash line. Press it gently using the Tweezer Applicator tool. Next clamp the ends of the Sarah Jean Lashes with your natural lashes using the Tweezer Applicator tool so that they clamp together.

I am super impressed that someone as clumsy as myself could apply Sarah Jean Lashes so easily without making any mess. Secondly the lashes were super light and in a few minutes you will forget you are wearing any Falsies at all. Most importantly the lash style SJ004 gave me volume and length. I added mascara to finish off my eyes. 

I must say I am super impressed with Sarah Jean Lashes and I will recommend it to everyone especially if you are a novice to False Lashes or simply clumsy like myself this is a product just for you. 

♥ Price Range 

The Sarah Jean Lashes 3 piece kit that includes one pair of lashes, the adhesive wand and the Tweezer Applicator tool retails for AUD $55. Great Price range for high end and user friendly Lashes.

♥ Where to Buy at 25 % Discount  ( Just for Mumbai 2 Melbourne Readers)

Mumbai 2 Melbourne Readers can grab this fabulous product for a 25% Discount Valid till the 13th of September. Simply Quote PROMO CODE- M2M to avail the discount at the checkout. Click here to shop Sarah Jean Lashes.

Sarah Jean Lashes also ships internationally, please contact for additional international shipping rates.

♥ Mumbai 2 Melbourne Rating – 5/5

♥ Pros of Sarah Jean Lashes Products

♦ Sarah Jean Lashes are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE

♦ Sarah Jean Lashes are Synthetic and extremely lightweight

♦ The innovative adhesive with mascara wand applicator 

♦ The Tweezer Applicator tool to assist with Eyelash Application

♦ Mess free and super quick to apply Sarah Jean Lashes

♦ Priced perfectly to suit most budgets

♦ Comes in 5 Different styles to suit the event and your personality

♦ Gorgeous Volume and length with each style of lash 

♦ Non allergenic adhesive which is great for sensitive eyes 

♦ Easy to wash adhesive which does not harm your natural eyelashes

As I stated above, Mumbai 2 Melbourne highly recommends Sarah Jean Lashes products. I hope you are just as excited by Sarah Jean Lashes as I am.

As Mumbai 2 Melbourne turns 3 this month, a 25% Discount for my readers is my way of saying Thank You for reading and following my blog. 

Until next time have a Fabu-Lash Weekend ahead !!




  1. Love your reviews Sharvari…those lashes look amazing…I’m not very adventurous when it comes to fashion but this may be worth a try if its lightweight and easy to apply as you say…

  2. Great post & review Sharvari.U have covered all the points describing Sarah jean lashes.I am extremely happy for yr Blog M2M & it’s popularity.Keep going

    1. Esha Sarah Jean ships her lashes internationally. Do click the link to buy them and email the sales team. I have the email in the post above

    1. Thank you so much Firdaus, I am glad you liked the Sarah Jean Lashes. Definitely click the link to buy them at 25 % discount till the 13th of Sept

    1. Firstly thank you Pallavi for visiting my blog and taking the time to read and comment on my posts. I am glad you enjoyed the review. Definitely visit Sarah Jean’s website for awesome lashes.

    1. Thanks Amrita. Just wash it off with water and then you can pull them gently. Easy to remove and do not stretch the eyelids or hurt at all.

  3. I have never used fake eye lashes as I already have long lashes. But this looks like a great product which can change a look of a person. You look pretty.

    1. This was first time i was applying lashes myself. Ive seldom used it in weddings but this is such a great product by Sarah Jean.

  4. Wow you look stunning with those eyelashes!!! Really loved the entire look and they seem so easy to carry and apply. I am already blesses with heavy lashes but this will be a great product for people who are not!!! because eye lashes really enhance your beauty!!!

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