Post-Partum Strength Gain – Aleev Ladoos ( Garden Cress Seeds & Jaggery Energy Balls )

2017 is one year I am going to remember very fondly as quite a few of my close friends, family members and acquaintances have been pregnant. While some are at varying stages of their pregnancy currently, a few have recently delivered their bundles of joy. Its a great feeling to become an Aunty to all these beautiful babies.

I have had a few of my friends enquire about what I ate post-partum to improve on strength gain and improve on the internal healing processes of the body. I have been meaning to share a few of such strength gain recipes for a while now however, managing my toddler with work commitments and blog commitments has been a bit of a challenge. Hence I thought now was an apt time to share these on Mumbai 2 Melbourne, so not only my friends and family but all my beautiful readers can benefit from these recipes. 

I can tell you these Aleev Ladoos are super duper easy with just 3 primary ingredients. They can be prepared and refrigerated for about 2 months. These Ladoos are not just good for new Mums looking to gain strength post partum, but they are perfect for people who work out in the gym, or working mums on the run. Have them as a mid morning snack or a breakfast on the go. 

For the uninitiated, Aleev or Halim seeds ( also called Garden Cress seeds in English) are a powerhouse of nutrients. They are protein rich and contain essential fatty acids and calcium. Aleev seeds assist with regulating menstruation and act as a natural galactagogue which assists the process of lactation. Aleev seeds are a natural laxative so they help improve digestive function along with having high levels of iron. It is no wonder Aleev is considered perfect food for new mums as it helps with lactation and breastfeeding.  (source- Wikipedia and other food journals)

So here is Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s recipe for Aleev Ladoos or Garden Cress Seeds & Jaggery Energy Balls.

The Ingredients needed 

♥ Aleev seeds or Garden Cress Seeds – 2 cups

♥ Fresh Grated Coconut- 1 cup 

♥ Jaggery- 1.5 cups

♥ Cardamon powder- 1/2 teaspoon

♥ Almonds crushed – 2 tablespoon

♥ Ghee – 2 tablespoons

Method of Preparation

→ Soak the Aleev Seeds in water for about two hours, they will swell up and soften. Next drain them using a fine mesh strainer to remove the excess water. Grate the jaggery and measure 1.5 cups. Grate fresh coconut and measure 1 cup and keep aside. 

→ Take a non-stick wok and add the soaked and drained Aleev seeds, grated coconut and grated jaggery and give it a good mix. Keep the flame on low-medium. 

You will notice that within a couple of minutes the jaggery will melt and the mixture will become a porridge like consistency. Keep stirring every few minutes and ensure the mixture does not burn at the bottom of the wok.

→ In about 15- 20 minutes you will notice the mixture will start to thicken, at this point add the cardamon powder and crushed almonds and mix well. Keep stirring till the mixture thickens and leaves the sides of the pan. 

→ Let this mixture cool for about 10 minutes, next add melted ghee and using the palm of the hand, while the mixture is still warm stir it together. Now roll into even balls. 

Your Aleev Ladoos or Garden Cress and Jaggery Energy Balls are ready. Keep them aside for about 30 to 45 minutes. They will harden slightly as they cool down completely. 

Benefits of consuming Aleev Seeds

♥ They are High in protein which provides energy ( much needed Post-partum)

♥ Rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Iron

♥  Natural Laxative and Galactagogue

♥ Improves breast milk supply and assists lactation and breastfeeding

♥ Contains essential fatty acids that assists weight loss and improves heart health

Aleev seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients and when combined with coconut and jaggery, Aleev Ladoos are packed with nutrients and energy. Consuming Aleev Ladoos helps with strength gain and assists with internal healing in Post-partum stage. Similarly it helps improve breast milk supply and regulate menstruation Post-partum. New Mums can eat up to two Aleev Ladoos a day along with a well balanced diet. 

       Photography and Recipe – Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and educational post about Maternal health and healing Post-partum. Definitely leave me your feedback in the comments below. 



    1. Thank you Dr Bushra, I am glad you like the recipe. They are great for regaining strength post=partum and super delicious too 🙂

  1. I had heard about Halim halwa or I guess Kala Halwa. Great to know laddoos can be made too. And it sure does sound easy to make.

    1. They are easily available in most grocery stores that sell basic supplies like flous, lentils etc. They are also called Halim seeds.

  2. Hey. this looks great for my husband who needs it for his training. can i know where to procure these seeds from online?

  3. i had gond k laddu made by my mom and i think that helped me sail through long feeding sessions with no time to think of snacking..these ladies seems like a nice snacking option too will share this with new moms

  4. I am really fond of Aleev seeds and love them in my Rohhafzaa or any other squash drink. But that they are so power packed with nutrients in new information. thanks for sharing.

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