Nail’d at Tiffany’s – Product Review

I read a quote a few years back which truly sums up my love for nail paints and perfectly manicured nails. 

“Life can’t always be perfect ! But your nails can be !! ” Anonymous

Instagram is one of my favourite social media to search for local Australian made and owned brands and getting to know more about them. In this quest I stumbled upon Nail’d at Tiffany’s which is an Australian owned and made brand that was started by a beauty therapist and a young mum. After becoming a Mum, Tiffany became more aware of the products she used on her body. She wanted to create an Eco-friendly product that she would be happy for her daughter and family to wear. Thus came about Nail’d at Tiffany’s which is an ethically produced polish, certified vegan and cruelty free. 

♥ A Bit about Nail’d at Tiffany’s Polishes

Nail’d at Tiffany’s polishes are made in Australia and they are based in Perth. Nail’d at Tiffany’s are 7-free i.e. Free from toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens and Xylene. They also do not contain phalates, triphenyl phosphate or ethyl tosylamide. 

These polishes are certified Cruelty Free and have not been tested on animals. They are Vegan so they do not contain any animal products and have been certified by Vegan.Org and PETA. Nail’d at Tiffany’s Nail polishes are hand made in small batches to ensure the products are of exceptionally high quality. These polishes are water permeable so they allow your nails to breathe. Similarly an addition of Aloe Vera to the polish help moisturise the nails and are safe to use around young children. Nail’d at Tiffany’s use recyclable packaging materials so help minimise their carbon footprint.

I was super impressed just reading about the effort Tiffany has put into researching and creating a Cruelty free and 100 % Vegan product. So I was extremely happy to review and wear Nail’d at Tiffany’s Polishes.

♥ The Packaging and Colours 

I chose two gorgeous and different colours to review namely Blueberry Buttercream and Jellybean Pop. It was so hard to choose just two of the various shades that Nail’s at Tiffany’s offers. They arrived within a week in a cute baby pink packaging with Nail’d at Tiffany’s logo on it. I liked the simple and fuss free packaging. The pack fit both the nail polishes. The nail Polish bottles had the shade written on the bottom with Nail’s at Tiffany’s written on the front and a bit about the polish at the back of the bottle. 

Jellybean Pop is a turquoise blue shade that is a perfect pick for summers. Blueberry Buttercream on the other hand is a pastel purplish pink shade which can be worn through the year.

You can check out all the colours Nail’s at Tiffany’s offers here

♥ Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s Review of Nail’d at Tiffany’s polishes 

I was already super impressed with the research and effort that Tiffany has put in creating the Nail Polishes and I was super excited to try them on.

I wore Jellybean Pop on my toes and shot this 2 days after application. The nail polish being water permeable was still similar in texture to any other nail paint. It was super easy to apply and just two coats gave a fantastic colour pay off with a matte finish. After two days I had no chips or colour peeling off. This is a huge plus for mothers on the go like me who are always time poor. 

I applied Blueberry Buttercream on my fingernails. I just loved this shade a pastel lavender shade with hints of pink in it. You cannot go wrong with this shade, a total must have in your vanity case. I loved the colour pay off with just two coats of polish.

It has lasted me 5 days now and not chipped or peeled off yet. This is a total win win for me as re-application of Nail colour is my biggest pet peeve especially so after I have had my son. As a Mother herself Tiffany has totally nailed this brief in her Nail’d at Tiffany’s polishes. 

Price and Link to shop Nail’d at Tiffany Polishes 

The polishes come in two sizes 9 ml and 15 ml. The 9ml is priced at $12 and 15ml polishes are priced at $18. 

To check all the shades and shop Nail’d at Tiffany Polishes click here

♥ Pros of Nail’d at Tiffany Polishes 

♦ Water Permeable polishes thus letting nails breathe

♦ Added Aloe vera to hydrate and moisturise the nails 

♦ Hand made thus retaining an exceptional quality 

♦ Does not chip or wear off easily 

♦ Great variety of colours available 

♦ They are 7 Free from toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens and Xylene.

♦ They are also free from phalates, triphenyl phosphate or ethyl tosylamide. 

♦ Certified Vegan by and PETA

♦ Certified Cruelty free and has no animal products nor are they tested on animals

♦ Recyclable packaging material thus reducing Carbon footprint 

♦ Australian owned and made 

♦ Affordably priced 

♦ $1 from each polish sold is donated to The Esther Foundation ( Giving back to the community)

♥ Cons of Nail’d at Tiffany’s 

I truly cannot find a single con for Nail’d at Tiffany’s polishes. 

♥ Mumbai to Melbourne’s rating : 5/5 

♥ Styling, Concept and Flat Lay Photography – Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

♥ Other Pictures – Ankit Mehan

Mumbai 2 Melbourne highly recommends Nail’d at Tiffany’s Nail polishes as they are Vegan and cruelty free. They are free from all the nasties that can damage your nails. They make perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas and festive season. Not only will you contribute towards The Esther Foundation, you will also help reduce carbon footprint while enjoying beautiful colourful nails this summer. I hope you enjoyed today’s product review. Definitely leave me your feedback in the comments below. 


Outfit Details 

Shrug- Valleygirl – Very old 

Dress- Decjuba – 2017

Ring- Lovisa – 2017

Vintage Cup- Blush collection by Maxwell Williams – Gifted

Beaded Flats – Bandra Hill Road- 2016



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  1. I like your description on Mail’d at Tiffany’s.The colours u put on yr toes & fingers r unique.I am glad that the nail paints r home made & no animal product is used in it.The photography & writing is too good

  2. I loved both these shades of nail polish. The jelly bean pop is especially stunning. I stopped wearing nail paint from pregnancy onwards and was so freaked about all the wrong stuff on my body. But i dont think I’d have to worry about Nail’d.

    1. Thanks Neha…absolutely hard to manage painting nails even once forget re-application. Infact this has lasted me for about 10 days now. I am super impressed

  3. Wow! Such gorgeous colours! And i am completely bowled by the concept! I have stopped using nail paints altogether ever since i was pregnant with my first child .. But I absolutely love nail paints .. This just fits the bill .. Any idea on its availability in India? Thanks for introducing:)

  4. Such gorgeous nail paint colors and equally gorgeous captures you you wearing those….I am in love with the subtle yet trendy nail paints…Shall buy these soon

    1. Thank you Shipra which is exactly why these nail paints by Nail’d at Tiffany’s is what you should be checking out as they are 7 free.

  5. Wow this seems to be just perfect and amazing brand as they are provide so amazing nailpaints just loved it.Specially the 7Free part and main it does not get washed off easily what else one want just perfect .Thanks for review.

  6. Jelly bean pop looks like a colour I wear everyday! And the finish is smooth and nice. What about the consistency? Is it too thick?

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