DIY Pompom Christmas Wreath

Christmas, DIY, Kids Craft, wreath

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The Christmas lights and decorations are up and people are busy fine tuning their Christmas Tree decorations. Kids want shimmery ornaments and parents cannot decide if they want to add more fairy lights to the mix. Kris Kringle’s, Christmas Parties at work and Parties with friends and family leading up to Christmas make December one of my most favourite months of the year. Do not forget the crazy amount of planning these events take along with all that Christmas shopping and my most favourite part, the Gift Wrapping. Reusing old decorations and lights and DIY Christmas Decorations is the best way to save on those $$$ this season.

Want to save on Christmas Decorations and involve kids in the Christmas fun? Then here is Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s quick DIY Pompom Christmas Wreath. 

Christmas Wreath, DIY, Kids Craft

The Supplies you are going to need !!

♥ Pre cut plywood round ring shape – Any Size of your choice

♥ Pack of 50 mini Pompoms

♥ Glue or Glue Gun

♥ Flat Painting Brush 

♥ Dark Mossy Green Acrylic Paint 

♥ Twine or Metallic Wire 

♥ Old Newspaper or Magazine 

Christmas, DIY, Kids Craft, wreath

Do It Yourself and with some help from your little ones !! 

You can easily find a pre cut thin plywood round ring at any craft store for about $7 or you can use a cardboard and using a compass draw a circle and the cut it out yourself. Next lay it down on an old newspaper or magazine. 

Painting is a whole lot of fun for toddlers. Let them assist you with painting the ring. Since the ring will be covered with pompoms, it is perfectly alright if the painting is not evenly done. Simply use the moss green paint directly on your brush, to evenly coat the ring and ensure you cover the inner rim with paint too. Let it air dry for about 20 minutes. 

Christmas, DIY, Kids Craft, wreath

Next using glue or a glue gun start arranging the mini pompoms around the wreath. Make sure you mix and match them up. Involve the kids by getting them to count the number of pompoms in the packet and pass you the pompoms while you place them in an orderly fashion. Ask them to guess all the colours of pompoms used. Give them their favourite treat when they get it right. Let kids learn the texture of glue and pompoms. Ensure that kids are supervised at all times while using glue.

Christmas, DIY, Kids Craft, wreath

Next using the twine or metallic wire create a hoop by stringing in it through the ring. You could also glue it to give it additional strength. Lastly cover the same with pompoms so it is not visible. Let the wreath dry for another 20 minutes. 

Christmas, DIY, Kids Craft, wreath

Your DIY Pompom Christmas Wreath is now ready. Perfect on your doorway or on the wall as a centrepiece for your Christmas decorations. I spent less than $15 on the same. Not only did I have a lot of fun, but my son truly enjoyed his first experience using glue and pompoms. The Christmas Craft Memories we created were Priceless.

Christmas, DIY, Kids Craft, wreath

This is such a perfect Craft idea for toddlers an kids under 3, to improve their fine motor skills and teach them about texture and art. Make learning colours and numbers a fun exercise. This Christmas make the entrance to your home extra special for Santa, simply try the DIY Pompom Wreath by Mumbai 2 Melbourne.

I hope you enjoyed today’s DIY. Definitely try it this Festive season and do not forget to leave me your feedback in the comments below. 



  1. I love this festival be season — all things happy!
    The wreath is beautiful and I think it’s pretty simple to make as well!

  2. This is perfect Maybe I would add only green pompoms and a red ribborn for that feel of the leafy wreath .. I so love how simple it is and how my daughter can do it on her own

  3. This is such a great DIY for toddlers. The outcome is beautiful. I am definitely going to share this with my mommy friends.

  4. I loved this beautiful festive pom pom wreath.I think my daughter will enjoy making this a lot.Thank you for making this so doable.

  5. I loved this beautiful festive pom pom wreath.I think my daughter will enjoy making this a lot.Thank you for making this so doable.I enoyed learning how to make a wreath

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