How to elevate the humble Denim this season?

Denim is a Quintessential Wardrobe staple for almost all women. Choosing the right fit of denim that suits your body shape is essential to rocking a Denim look. Over a period of time, we women tend to get into a bit of a Jeans Rut!

How does that happen one might ask? It is simple, Women are creatures of habit. If a particular style or fit of denim looks good, we would prefer to stick to the same tried and tested formula again and again and again. A bit like the plot of a Bollywood Potboiler if I may say so!

Trying different fits, lengths or colours is an easy way to shake up your Denim game. For the slightly adventurous trying patterns or stripes, floral prints or distressed denims is a great way to add some cool Jeans to your wardrobe.

Here is Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s take on 4 ways to elevate the humble Denim this season.

Look 1 – Casual Chic

Casual chic,, Mumbai 2 Melbourne

Dark blue or medium wash denim instantly comes to mind when we hear the word Jeans. But how about trying a striped black and white Denim with a flared bottom instead? Pair it with asymmetrical ruffled sleeved blouse to give it a chic look. Try adding a hint of drama with a black and white tasselled necklace and a multi patterned black and white bag. I have deliberately kept the whole look monotone. To complete this look team it with dull blue leather mules. A Casual Chic look that is perfect for a Sunday brunch or a picnic by the riverside.

Look 2 – Colour Blocking

colour blocked,, denim, jeans, mumbai2melbourne

Coloured Denim can become investment pieces in one’s wardrobe if chosen correctly. Deep wine toned denim in an acid wash can easily be dressed up or down. Colour blocking is a technique of teaming 3 or more solid colours that may be contrasting in the same look. Pairing that deep wine acid wash denim with a cool teal green peplum blazer and a black crop top makes everyone sit up and take instant notice. I have added strappy heels, tasselled earrings and beaded wristbands in rose gold to complete the Colour Blocked Look. This is a perfect look for an evening dinner date or a party.

Look 3 – Distressed Androgynous

denim, distressed, androgynous,,

If you are unsure about distressed denim, then try distressed denim with a mesh insert. Super comfortable and casual, androgynous boyfriend fit denim is great during the day while heading to University or catching up with friends. I have paired this boyfriend denim with a pussy bow blouse with all over floral pattern which gives that hint of femininity. Add a pair of blush oxfords, tote bag and rose gold dial leather wristwatch with deep black studs to complete this Distressed Androgynous look.

Look 4- Street Style

Street Style, denim, jeans, pyjamas,,

Have you tried skinny fit ankle length denim with a contrasting side panel? This is great as it makes your hips and waist look slimmer due to the illusion that the darker panel creates. Pairing denim with a deep v neck white crop top is perfect for summers. However have you tried adding a Pyjama top as a layer on top? Simply pair the crop top with a blush pink pyjama top and leave it unbuttoned. Keeping the look free of jewellery is another way to make it stand out. Simply pair it with white sneakers and a white cross body bag, sunglasses and a blush cap and you are ready to rock your Denim look totally Street Style. I would wear this look to music festivals, barbecue lunches or even when catching up with the girls. 

This season say no to the Denim Rut! I hope these looks will inspire you to shake up your Denim game this season. Definitely leave me your feedback in the comments below and hope you enjoyed reading today’s post.

Have a fantastic weekend.



  1. First time I am hearing about different styles of Denims.U have explained it nicely.I always admire yr fashion sense.U r precise about everything like different types of tops, shoes, bags & jewellery etc.I am impressed with the article .

  2. I really liked the article .U have written about the different types of denims for different situations.U r very innovative & precise in yr writing.U have suggested different tops , bags , shoes & jewellery according to the situation.I am impressed.

  3. Wow some really cool looks. I really would like the invest in coloured denims too. The idea to play around with styles sounds fun to me.

  4. Very nicely written about Denim style
    As far as I am concerned,was not aware of styles that would go with now will circulate among group for awareness.
    Keep it up with good style and very nice informative write up

  5. This is a lovely blog. I never thought one could try so many looks with denim. Also, to add to this blog, I recently came across Denim Kurtis. Ppl who want to go for a desi chic look may give it a try.

  6. You sure are a very knowledgeable person in the Fashion world. Im sure your thoughts are just perfect for many folks to follow. Lovely combinations and ideas shared that they can use for dressing as summer approaches 🙂

  7. Fabulous post!! Have been hungry for some cool styling ideas for a while. I mean, there’s only so many clothes my wardrobe will fit 😉 .. my vote goes for the casual chic denim look – love it !!

  8. That’s so true, I never experiment with my denim. But these looks are so cool and stylish. I can’t take my eyes off of Look 1 and Look 2, I definitely need to revamp my denim styles.

  9. Denims are a must in my wardrobe but it definitely needs some putting together to create that perfect look. I’m more of a street style kinda gal!

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