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MFFA, Mumbai 2 Melbourne, Marathi Film Festival Australia

Marathi Cinema is one of the oldest and a pioneer film industry in India. Raja Harishchandra was the first official Indian full length feature film which was made in Marathi language by Dadasaheb Phalke in the year 1913. (Reference) Over the decade there has been a New Wave in Marathi Cinema with directors, actors, writers and script writers bringing in fresh content and out of the box ideas which are being lauded by Marathi Cinema lovers. 

Movies such as Shwaas which was India’s official entry to the Oscars in 2004 was probably the beginning of the New wave of Marathi cinema. Over the last decade one has seen outstanding movies such as Vihir which spoke of death and how children perceive death using cinematic metaphors, or Sairat that spoke about caste and class differences through a medium of a love story.

MFFA, Mumbai 2 Melbourne, Marathi Film Festival Australia

When one talks about actors that have been fuelling this movement of brilliant cinema by consistently taking up out of the box scripts and delivering stupendous performances time and time again, then Subodh Bhave ranks high up that list. Subodh’s recent movies including his directorial venture Katyar Kaljat Ghusali have taken Marathi Cinema a few notches higher. His recent movies like Lokmanya and Ti ani Itar prove his mettle and the quality of his craft. Subodh takes up any character and becomes him. 

Last Minute Productions Au which is a niche distribution startup is organising the first ever Marathi Film Festival Australia (MFFA) and its being held in Melbourne on the 9th – 11th of March 2018. MFFA is a brainchild of Achala Datar who runs Last Minute Productions Au and is an avid Marathi Cinema lover herself. She soon realised that there was a huge demand for Marathi Cinema in Australia during the course of last year that she has been bringing recent releases to the Australian cities including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. MFFA was born out of the passion and the drive to bring Marathi Cinema lovers in Australia an opportunity to see the best films and also interact with Actors and artists from the Marathi Cinema fraternity. 

Katyar Kaljat Ghusali, MFFA, Marathi Film Festival Australia, Mumbai 2 Melbourne

MFFA 2018 is dedicated to Subodh Bhave who is an actor, director and producer par excellence. MFFA 2018 will be held in Lido Cinemas Hawthorn in Melbourne and will open on the 9th of March. The opening night will showcase Marathi Cinema’s 2nd highest grosser Katyar Kaljat Ghusali at 6.30 pm. This movie is special because it was Last minute productions AU’s first distribution in Australia and was met with a roaring success. It is one of Subodh’s most popular films. So grab your tickets now !! 

To book the tickets to the opening night click here 

MFFA, Mumbai 2 Melbourne, Subodh Bhave,

10th March- Saturday Programme will kick off with Gulabjaam and which is one of the most deliciously and creatively shot movies of recent times. This will be followed by a chance to meet Subodh Bhave himself in a fun Meet and Greet ( Gappa Goshti) session. 

The day will end with a World Premiere of Subodh’s unreleased movie Savita Damodar Paranjpe that has been produced by John Abraham and directed by Swapna Joshi. Kudos to Last Minute Productions Au for giving Melbournians a chance to see this movie even before it is released anywhere else in the world. You certainly do not want to miss this one. You can  now buy tickets to watch Gulabjaam followed by Gappa Goshti session or you could buy tickets separately to watch the world premiere of Savita Damodar Paranjpe with the Gappa Goshti session with Subodh Bhave. 

Book Your tickets to Gulabjaam and Gappa Goshti Session 1 Click here !

Book Your tickets to Savita Damodar Paranjpe and Gappa Goshti Session 2 Click here !

MFFA, Mumbai 2 Melbourne, Marathi Film Festival Australia

11th March- Sunday Programme will showcase Lokmanya- Ek Yugpurush which will be followed by an interactive acting workshop. Subodh himself will mentor and perform with the participants and its a golden opportunity for Local Australian talent to shine through. Ti ani Itar is the closing film at MFFA 2018 is Govind Nilhani’s first Marathi Movie as a director. Ti ani Itar is also premiering in Australia for the first time which is going to be unmissable.

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So to all the Marathi and Indian Cinema lovers across Australia, save the dates 9th – 11th of March 2018 as Marathi Film Festival Australia (MFFA) is here to celebrate Marathi Cinema in all its glory dedicated to the illustrious career of Subodh Bhave. It is your chance to meet the Man himself, watch 4 of his brilliant movies and also attend an acting workshop and a meet and greet session with Subodh Bhave. 

Mumbai 2 Melbourne will be there and I would love to see all of you at Lido Cinemas in Hawthorn at MFFA 2018. Lets celebrate our glorious Marathi Cinema and culture in true community spirit and make MFFA 2018 an astounding success. 


    1. Absolutely it’s great to be applauded in Australia and show our culture and movies to the newer generations as well

  1. I would love to attend a film festival, I have wanted it for so long! Marathi cinema truly has inspired many,,,,thanks for sharing this…

  2. This is totally a news to me. Being a Maharashtrian and a cinema buff and a movie reviewer with leading media houses, that Subodh Bhave is the face of MFFA 2018. Congratulations to him. Yes, he deserves all the love and appreciation. But I do differ on my opinion about the storyline of Lokmanya. Though the acting was good, the content to textbookish. Nonetheless, this is a pleasant new.

  3. This is such an informative post re Marathi Cinema and Marathi film industry. So glad to read this article written beautifully by a Marathi woman. I will share it with friends next Mumbai.

    IG : @ms_tantrum

  4. Though I’m North Indian but heard Al about Marathi cinema. Thanks for sharing a brief and incredible movie.

  5. Marathi cinema is indeed one of the best movie industries! So happy to see Marathi cinema film festival happening in Australia! And Subodh bhave is brilliant! ❤

    1. Thanks Mrinal it is a wonderful idea to bring Marathi Cinema on a global stage. Yes Subodh is an amazing human being as well. Was a pleasure meeting him

  6. Im so amazed and in awe of the amazing work our marathi industry has created over past decades and my heart swells with pride when i hear its recognition all across the globe.. Kudos ,to all in the process. Great going ,Marathi film festival in Australia will be an astounding success for sure

  7. A film festival for Marathi Cinemas, sounds very interesting. I have that few of them are quite good. But I personally have not watched any but only heard. I will definitely refer to this article and watch few of them 🙂

    1. Sairat is now being remade in Hindi. Such is the night of Marathi Cinema that even its Marathi version touched the chords across Mumbai western and southern states with subtitles

  8. I have heard a lot about good critics about the movie Shwaas. Indeed the Indian regional cinema hold lot of talent

    1. Regional. Cinema always has to prove itself and their story script is always the hero. Marathi Cinema is flying high because of excellent content

  9. Lokmanya was my favourite movie….i have seen a lot of marathi movies like nathuram godbole and the one on a guy who could listen to whatever goes on inside a woman’s heart dont remember the name!!!

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