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As a fashion blogger, I often get asked questions on how to style a wardrobe for work within the corporate sector without breaking the bank ! I have always believed in building a wardrobe with key essentials and a few statement pieces that you can mix and match to create an illusion of an inexhaustible wardrobe. The same goes for work wear. The key to building a functional work wardrobe is to invest in well fitted trousers, blazers, blouses or shirts and skirts and then mix and match them with accessories such as scarves, watches, neck-pieces and earrings to create different outfits for work. 

A black pant and blazer and a white shirt should be quintessential wardrobe staples of every girl working in the Corporate sector. I shot this post a few months back, when I was heading for a work meeting on the weekend and Hubby and the toddler came to see me off at our local train station. We had a nearly empty platform with brilliant early morning light coming through. How could I miss this opportunity to shoot pictures for Mumbai 2 Melbourne !! 

Today’s Outfit of the Day – Classic Black & White 

Firstly each piece I am wearing, has been in my wardrobe for at least 3 years. I do not own a suit, however I have paired a fitted black pair of trousers with a fitted black blazer separates to make them look like a suit. Secondly I just have to say it feels amazing to wear pre-pregnancy trousers and button and zip them with ease.

I am wearing ankle length trousers which are tapered at the bottom. This creates an illusion of length. I teamed this with a basic 3/4th sleeve white button down cotton shirt. I like softer cottons as they fit better than starchy cottons, but shirts in a softer crepe or Georgette fabric fall and fit really well too. This was a purchase from Uni Qlo which is one brand I recommend for wardrobe basics such as Shirts, sweaters, cardigans for work. 

It was a cool Autumn-Winter morning, so I added my favorite leopard print scarf around my neck and tucked it into the blazer. I added Brown heels to keep the look within the tan brown colour scheme. 

The accessories were a classic Tan and Red bag that added the much needed pop of color along with black and orange nerdy glasses. My trusted Skagen watch and classic pearl studs and a black paisley ring completed the look.  

5 tips to buying the perfect Black Blazer

♥ Select a blazer that fits well at the shoulders. If it does not sit right at the shoulders it won’t fall right.

♥ Select the blazer length in accordance with your body type. If you have a narrow waist then slightly shorter blazers look great. If you have wider hips then go with blazers that are a straight fit and end below the hips.

♥ Avoid Blazers with thick shoulder pads as they only add bulk to your shoulders.

♥ Full sleeved blazers or 3/4th sleeved blazers work best when paired with button down shirts. 

♥ Always try various fits and lengths and a few different brands before finalizing the black blazer that looks and feels just right on you.

Outfit Details

♥ Black Blazer – Valleygirl 2007

♥ Black Pants – Temt 2014

♥ Leopard Print Scarf – Ally’s Fashion – 2015

♥ White Shirt- Uniqlo 2015

♥ Brown heels – Payless shoes – 2015

♥ Bag – Gifted – No Brand- 2015

♥ Watch – Skagen – Gifted – 2015

♥ Ring – Lovisa – 2016

♥ Pearl studs- Lovisa – 2016

♥ Orange rimmed glasses – Gifted – Non branded – 2015

I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit post. Would love to hear your feedback or any fashion related queries in the comments below. 



  1. U look beautiful in black blazer.Yr combination of white shirt & black pant is awesome.Yr bag is very colourful

  2. Rocking the business look! I cannot remember the last time I wore an actual business outfit, it’s casual Friday here everyday. haha

    1. Thanks Kell haha I totally understand…..I love casual fridays but I do like my formals or other work days. However I do add my personality to the look.
      Glad you like it 🙂

  3. So smart outfit and can’t believe 3year of same clothes , mix and match so perfectly. Thax’s for information about blazer. Please guide me mummy tummy look gud in blazer ?

    1. Hi Gurjeet I would recommend getting a longer blazer with a straight fit. Leaving the blazer unbuttoned and wearing a softer cree or georgette shirt inside will take the focus away from the tummy area and also will be comfortable to wear at work.

  4. Loved the way you paired the black blazers with such a colourful bag and the scarf! You are looking really amazing! And thanks for the tips on buying a blazer!

  5. I love your fashion posts and advice. Leopard print adds an oomph to basic outfit. Can u also do a post on outfit inspo for petite body with slim legs please?

  6. Superb tips, Sharvari! During my initial few years in the corporate world, I struggled a lot at finding the right formal outfit for myself. I completely agree with you that the game is all about having the essential staples and then mix matching them for creating the perfect look. I love how you used the scarf here.

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