5 Ways to Practice Self Love

What really does the term Self Love mean? The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes it as “love of self” or “regard for one’s own happiness or advantage”. What Self Love truly means is loving oneself unconditionally. To acknowledge that one is not perfect, one is always learning and evolving and one is unique is the basis to truly love oneself. It has taken me nearly 3 decades of my existence to truly understand the meaning of Self Love

Self love should not be dependent on external factors or people around you, it is intrinsic. Self love can be termed as listening to only your inner voice and shutting out the external noise. It is all about loving ourselves inside out and unapologetically so.

Here are 5 Sure shot ways to Practice Self Love that will help you nourish your mind and body inside out.  

1) Love your Body and Nourish it inside out !

Do you love your body, your appearance or your physical attributes? Most of us would have something or the other that we would love to change. I always wanted to be taller and having a husband who is 6 feet does not help either. I have always been healthy and maintained an exercise routine but Post Pregnancy I did not like my physical self for months because I had never been this big in my entire existence. Unknowingly I went deep into the trap of negative self image and self worth.

One day a realization dawned on me that I am the same person inside irrespective of my change of external appearance and that is truly the day I decided to get back to my yoga routine, getting back to my old good eating habits and truly being happy with my external self at that given time. Nourishing my Body with eating right and through exercise helped me mentally love myself and guess what in a few months after this realization all those excess kilos melted off. Win Win I Say !!

2) Me Time 

In today’s’ constant struggle to work 9 to 5 and manage one’s family and social norms one does not realize that the balance has shifted away from Oneself to others. As a mother, it is even harder to find time for oneself as your children and their needs become your priority. It was probably a year after my son Rey was born that I realized I was becoming a robot on automation and I was nearing a burnout physically. I had also started working when my son turned 11 months which was adding to the time pressure. That is when I decided to indulge in some Me time. Since then I go and get my nails done every month or head for a pedicure once every few months. I decide to stay up after Hubby and Rey have slept to catch up on a movie on Netflix or sometimes just have a leisurely bath with fragrant candles. 

3) Relax Refresh and Detox your Mind

Every person relaxes in a different way. For me Sleep is my ultimate vice which truly relaxes me. On my day off from work when my Son is at Child Care there have been days when I have simply not done any of the tasks at home or for my blog/ related work but instead decided to catch up on a few hours of sleep. What refreshes my mind is working on a creative project, be with with photography for my blog, cooking a creative recipe in my kitchen or styling an outfit ingeniously. Doing what one is good at is a fabulous way to refresh and recharge our batteries and feeling great about ourselves. 

4) Accept and Learn to Let go !

It is harder that it sounds, however as much as Self Love is about loving oneself unconditionally it is also about accepting our shortcomings or personality traits and physical flaws. It is to love oneself irrespective of knowing our own shortcomings and inspite of them. This one was the easiest for me I have always been aware of my shortcomings and accepted my physical flaws but I have been guilty of being extremely self critical. However the hardest part for me was to stop being over critical about myself and instead letting myself be! 

Carrying a chip on your shoulder should be illegal. I have wowed to not seek anyone’s approval or judgement on how I lead my life, what I do and how I raise my child or run my house. I am an individual and I know what works best for me and my family. I have absolutely learnt to let go of toxic and negative people and elements in my life. It has taken me over 3 to 4 years to develop a thick skin and now people do not faze me. Yes I am human and I do feel sad or upset sometimes however it is easier for me to bounce back. I truly love the person I am and will not let anyone dull my spirit. 

5) Developing a Support Network

Your support system can be your family members, your spouse or your children. Your friends or who I call Inner Circle are your emotional support whenever you feel low or down. You do not need to have 200 friends, even 2 good friends who truly care about you outweigh having 200 friends who don’t care a damn. This support network gives your self love a boost and assists your self esteem.

These are the 5 strategies which I have been practicing and continuously been working on especially since the last 3 years have helped me improve on my Self Love and Self Worth. 

Photography – Dearest Dad

Outfit of the Day – White Shirt and Denim with a Desi Boho Twist. 

A not so basic look created with basic wardrobe staples. The quintessential White shirt which I have left unbuttoned near the waist to show off my high waisted skinny denim and paired them with blush oxfords. This also creates a casual and breezy vibe. I have teamed this with statement earrings in yellow gold and coloured stones and my emerald and gold ring from Bevilles. Lastly I carried a bright Elephant printed Cloth Tote bag from The Bombay Store which I absolutely love. It adds the right amount of pop without taking away from the simplicity of the look. The true hero of the look for me is the Blue Tikli or Bindi that adds that Desi Boho Vibe. I wore this outfit when I headed out with my parents for Cafe style lunch on a sunny and warm Winter afternoon.

Basic Blue Skinny Denim- Dotti 2018

White Shirt – Uni Qlo – 2015

Blush Oxfords – Unbranded – 2017

Elephant Printed Bag – The Bombay Store – 2017 – Gifted

Statement Chandelier Stone Earrings – Lovisa – 2015 

Gold and Emerald Ring – Bevilles – 2017 – Gifted 

Blue Tikli/ Bindi – India – 2016



  1. That’s a very deep and a much needed post, which talk about the necessity of loving oneself. Love the tips and your fashion sense

  2. Such a beautiful post about self love. Me time always helps but a positive and stress free mind is equally important. I agree on working on learn and let go and developing your support network around you. Love your simple yet chic outfit.

  3. Tote bag looks so beautiful, vibrant. You look beautiful, after being the mom I am not able to reduce my tummy but after reading your article. I think I must also do something for myself

  4. Firstly you are looking beautiful and ya I believe too that self love is imp. You should give priority to your soul and body. I also do things that make me happy, may be a solon visit or playing football with my son. I also take my own decisions and ya now I have realized that 2 friends are better than 20. In a middle-class Bengali family, it’s hard to live by your own choice. but now I know how to deal with all that.

  5. This is a beautiful post! Self Love is indeed very important… It gives us strength when everyone else leaves us alone… It gives us a reason to stay happy and care for ourselves in the worst of situations!

  6. Completely agree that self love is important if not for anything else, for our own sanity! I could relate to a few situations that you mentioned here and I realized not giving a damn about what others think and indulging in a few hobbies worked wonders

  7. I am pretty sure these tips help because I too believe it one needs to love herself/himself first in order to be happy. Relax Refresh and detox your mind is my mantra of life 🙂

  8. Self-love is essential for mental health, and I agree with each of your points. I like the way you’ve styled your outfit too.

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