Vintage Benarasi Saree- 2 Ways

Benarasi Sarees have been trending since time immemorial. My Mum had a collection of Benarasi Sarees and I was fascinated with the rich texture and sheer craftsmanship of its weave. My most favourite Saree is this rich dual toned deep maroon saree with a thick border which is 35 years old. This was my Mum’s Wedding reception saree. I decided to carry this saree with me to Australia in 2010 after I got married and it has been with me since. I have worn it so often and every time I wear it, I receive tonnes of compliments and everyone wants to know where I purchased it from? When I tell them this is truly a vintage Saree and a 35 year old one at that, everyone is 

saree, diwali, traditional, 5 yard saree, benarasi saree, Maharashtrian sareeHere is 2 ways I have styled this Vintage Benarasi Saree on Mumbai 2 Melbourne.

Look 1 – Traditional 5 yard drape with Traditional Maharastrian AccessoriesIf you are a Saree Drape purist, then this style is just for you. In this look, I have draped the Saree in a 5 yard traditional drape and neatly pleated the pallu and pinned it on the shoulders. I have worn it with a gold and multi-coloured brocade blouse that gives the saree an rich and ornate look and feel.

I am wearing a traditional Maharastrian Style Nose pin called Nath which is in a half mango shape adorned with pearls and ruby. The necklace I am wearing is called a Taanmani which a multi-string necklace made of pearls and has a pendant which has rubies, gold and pearls.

Maharastrian brides wear green bangles with gold bangles or kadas and that is how I styled my bangles with this saree. I added long kundan and gold jhumkas and added a statement emerald coloured stone and gold ring to complete the look.

This look is perfect for upcoming Karwa Chauth and Diwali celebrations. 

Look 2- Modern Combination Drape inspired by Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta.

If you like experimenting with drapes and are confident in carrying off modern drapes then this look is just for you. I wore an a-line black top as a blouse which had 3/4th length bell sleeves.

This gave the look a Bengali feel which at the time was unintentional however it added a beautiful cultural subtext to the final look.

The drape here was inspired by the Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta. I wore black Churidar/ leggings and started draping the saree from the centre and then pinned it. I did a half circle with the saree and pinned it at the waist.

Now I pleated the Saree pallu and just like a Khada dupatta I pinned the saree pallu at the shoulders ensuring the front falls like a Hyderabadi Khada dupatta. Ensuring you pin the section leaving enough leg room.

I added a polki string necklace which was custom made. Dark Bordeaux lips and minimal makeup with lots of mascara and a messy bun added the Kitschy boho feel to the look. I also teamed the look with rouched black boots and a diamante box clutch.

This look is great if you are heading out to a Diwali party or get together. A look that is both Sassy, yet traditional with a Kitchsy twist.

Which Look are you gravitating towards?

Do let me know in the comments below!

Have an awesome Karwa Chauth to those who are celebrating. Also keep checking Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s Instagram (Click Here) and Facebook Page (Click Here) for more traditional looks this festive season.



  1. I really love Banarsi sarees being from UP I feel this looks great and enhance the beauty …you are looking so beautiful

  2. Is the nath facing the wrong side? Or is it some fashion statement? IDK much I ask because I have been seeing that a lot lately. The saree is so beautiful and I love the way you have draped it on a black top. Benarasi sarees are always a hit.

  3. Amazing and beautiful post. Banarasi sarees is so fascinating and rich fabric. Looking so pretty and classy in the saree oufits. The shades of the Banarasi sarees is so royal. Great thoughts.

  4. I love the style in which u have draped a saree giving it a Bengali look..its looking very stylish and different..would try this style in some occasion

  5. Indeed banarasi saree is evergreen. Love the second look Modern Combination Drape inspired by Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta. It will be great if you can do the video tutorial on this

  6. Indeed banarasi saree is evergreen. Love the second look Modern Combination Drape inspired by Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta. It will be great if you can do the video tutorial on this

  7. Loved both the looks that you created with this vintage Banarasi saree. The Hyderabadi Khada dupatta style I didnt know thanks for sharing about it

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