Blueberry & Choc Protein Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls are one of my most favourite breakfasts for weekdays. Not only are they quick to make but they are even quicker to eat/ drink. One can prep the ingredients the previous night and just a quick whip in the blender and your breakfast is ready in minutes. Being a working mum to a toddler I am almost always pressed for time in the mornings on weekdays but I also do not like to miss my breakfast because I get very irritable if I am Hangry !!

blueberry and Chocolate , protein, smoothie bowl, smoothie

I usually have a stash of frozen berries in my freezer. Today I am using frozen blueberries and some strawberries to make my smoothie bowl. You can use fresh blueberries however you need to freeze them for at least an hour before you blend to get that creamy effect. I am going to add chocolate protein powder to this to make it high in protein. I am using Indian Yoghurt or Dahi to make this smoothie bowl. You can use Greek yoghurt as well. So here is Mumbai 2 Melbourne’s super easy and quick, protein packed and antioxidant rich recipe for Blueberry & Choc Protein Smoothie Bowl. 

lueberry and Chocolate , protein, smoothie bowl, smoothie

Ingredients needed are:

Yoghurt – 300 gms

Frozen Blueberries – 150 gms

Strawberries – 50 gms 

Chocolate Protein Powder – 2 scoops ( I am using My Protein Brand)

Chia Seeds – 1 tablespoon

Buchinis- Loving Earth Brand Chocolate Clusters to top the smoothie bowl ( Optional)

Method of Preparation :

Take a blender jar and add yoghurt , frozen berries and strawberries and let it blend till creamy and thick. 

Now add the Chocolate Protein Powder and chia seeds and blend again. 

Serve in a Bowl and top it with Buchinis Chocolate Clusters by Loving Earth. Alternately, you could top it with Cacao nibs and toasted coconut mix. 

Packed with protein goodness of yoghurt and protein powder, this smoothie bowl is rich in antioxidants and equals to 2 serves of your daily recommended fruit intake. Chia seeds help to improve satiety and keeps you fuller for longer. The yoghurt also aids with maintaining the alkaline ph level of the stomach keeping acidity at bay. Buchinis – Chocolate clusters is one of my favourite toppings on cereals and smoothie bowls. They are rich in cacao, toasted coconut and buckwheat and do not contain any artificial flavours or added sugar. 

I hope you enjoyed todays’ recipe for quick and easy Blueberry & Choc Protein Smoothie Bowl. Definitely leave me your comments in the feedback below. Have a fabulous week ahead. 





  1. WOnderful, I so much wanted to learn this yummy bowl of tasty yummy healthy food. Thanks for sharing the details on how to make this bowl of goodness.

  2. Now this is so easy to make and looks yummy ..I will sure try this as weekend and summers both are knocking now!!

    1. I do use the curds not the whey….or other option is to blast chill the yoghurt for 15 minutes before blending. Consistency can be runny or thick as per your pref.

  3. This looks so yumm, I love such quick & easy recipes which can be prepared in just a few minutes. I will soon try it out!

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