Mumbai 2 Melbourne started in 2014 as a diary of my life with a focus on fashion, beauty, food, health and travel. Over the years Mumbai 2 Melbourne has become a popular creative space online for like minded individuals.

Mumbai 2 Melbourne is a platform where I chronicle my ideas and document fashion and beauty trends. I also blog about celebrity style and street style. I talk about effectively using and reusing elements from one’s existing wardrobe.

I review beauty products, grocery products and speak about healthy food choices. You will read all original recipes curated from my kitchen and heirloom recipes passed down from generations. Healthy foods, weight management strategies, local produce are what I inherently believe in and regularly document the same on Mumbai 2 Melbourne.

I am an HR Professional and Mum to a gorgeous baby boy. Life started for me in Mumbai (India) and currently shuttles between Mumbai and Melbourne where I am based. Hence the eponymous name Mumbai 2 Melbourne for my blog that encapsulates my journey so far.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my posts. I am extremely grateful to all my readers and followers for their support over the years. It is this very support that drives me to keep blogging quality content.

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Alternatively you can drop me a line at: sharvari@mumbai2melbourne.com

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About Me

Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

This is Sharvari, welcome to my blog. Mumbai 2 Melbourne is a diary of my life with a focus on Fashion, food, beauty and health.
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M loving ur blog…n same pinch on the Marathi connect.
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