The Online Chic reposted the post on their Instagram Page.

Featured style in Stylepile for last week along with top looks of the week in Dec 2014

Stylepile has Candy Shop -Colour block in their -Style Spotlight and in their featured styles  

Style spotlight section for the post Who wears the Pants of your life on Stylepile  

Mention on The Online Chic website as a blogger who wore their creations.

When World renowned Chef Heston and his team #thefatduckmelbourne likes your food pics on Instagram you are stunned and humbled! Thank you (Feb 2015)

Woke up to Global Desi reposting my outfit on their Instagram page stating that I created a different style with their Mimamo collection!! Thank u Global Desi. (Feb 8th 2015)

Featured Style on Stylepile Feb 2015

When a local Melbourne -St Zita’s Cafe likes your food pics , starts following you and asks you to visit the cafe … You are surprised, happy and motivated to do so much better ! Thank you St Zita’s Cafe (Feb 2015)

Reposted by Stylepile on their Instagram page.

Was in the top styles of the week at StylePile !! Get some Desi swag on! (Feb 2015) 

Fashionlivre thank you for the mention – Holi Inspiration album! (March 2015)